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My Creative Manifesto – Creative Self Revolution

As human beings, we are all CREATORS. We’ve been creating things since the inception of our existence as a species. So when people tell me they aren’t creative, it’s just that they have become disconnected from it. That’s all. Once you’re reconnected, you’ll see how it blooms and brightens every part of your life. And that creativity, as long as you keep it alive, will evolve with you forever. It’s never stagnant. It’s not the same from one minute to the next. And that should be exciting! 

As humans we have these dual things competing – on the one hand we are resistant to change, on the other, we are built for expansion and when we stop allowing that expansion to happen, we are less happy. It may be a nagging feeling you can’t identify. But think about children on a playground, laughing, making things out of sand, creating characters, using their imaginations in an un-stifled way.

Unfortunately that complete freedom stops pretty young for most people. We start to worry what others think. We start to get self-conscious. And in not too long, grown-ups start to tell us to focus on “reasonable” things to slog at in a 9-5. The creative fire dwindles. Some of us keep it alive by participating in theater, dance, art class. But most people start to consider it as not a “serious” part of life, or path of life. And therefore, not worthy putting any time into. 

Creativity as Growth Mindset on Steroids

In my definition, creativity is NOT just about art/artists. It is more of a way of thinking. It’s growth mindset on steroids. It can be used to make works of art. It can be used to come up with the craziest business idea and suddenly you have Apple. Who would have ever thought we’d carry in our hands thoughtlessly something that’s a computer, a way to call people, a way to take pictures and videos, a way to store information, a place to put down notes and ideas, etc. 

In non-creative thinking, you only think about what already IS. In creative thinking, you come up with things that don’t exist yet. Will all those ideas work? Absolutely not. But you have to be willing to take the risk, to start to see the certainty of “failure” as a path to success, to start to find the joy in the process. Like life, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

Our society is so results-focused. We’re always trying to get to a certain place – a certain job, income level, relationship, having a house, etc – and we miss the journey there when our eyes are so focused on the goal. On the thing we don’t have yet. And as soon as you get that thing, you just want something else that you don’t have yet. And the cycle goes on. We’re not living life. We’re on a constant journey of hitting goal-posts, with nothing in between.

One of the things that reigniting your creativity does is to find interest and joy on the journey. Pretty much every moment of life is lived, rather than just big landmarks. We’ve all heard about the importance of being present. Well, this is a way there.

We are always evolving, so there is no final destination. We have our own unique place in the world with our own unique creativity till our last breath. 

Empower Yourself

If you want some of the good things mentioned above, it is time to reconnect with the creative part of yourself. Don’t wait. We don’t always get another chance. Take life by the horns and steer it in the direction you want. Where you feel fulfilled and joyful. Where you feel empowered to be YOU in the you-est way possible. And where see that as a great thing, because you have embraced who you are. 

Alex Cappe is a creative artist, inspirational speaker, coach and visionary. Creative Self Revolution is based on a lifetime in the creative field, two decades of exploration and research into how creativity plays a key role in living a joyful, purposeful life, and coaching programs to learn how to help others explore their gifts. Download her free eBook “5 Things You Can Do This Week to Be More Creative”.

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