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I believe in the power of art, the wonder of expression and living a compassionate lifestyle.

Maybe you have some things you’ve never quite healed from and you’re seeking another way; maybe you have a dream you want to figure out how to get back to; maybe you want to get closer to living how you want to live rather than what’s conventional or expected; maybe you’re just looking to stop feeling trapped.


About: Who Am I?

I’m a creative artist, musician, writer and activist who has been living an unconventional life. I have some major scars that I have transformed. And I want to help others do the same.

I discovered my passions very young. As soon as I got on a stage at age 5, I knew performing, expressing and being creative were what I was meant to do. And there was pretty much no stopping me from there. I never changed my mind about it. My passion only grew stronger. 

As soon as I was able to, I moved out to LA from the Midwest to pursue acting and music. I learned how to play guitar and started writing more and more songs. I’d been used to acting where I was expressing in a way, but with someone else’s lines. With music I was expressing me, or whatever version of me I wanted to be and share. 

I fell head over heels in love with it and started performing every chance I could get. I met amazing people to work with.  Eventually I signed a deal with an indie record label.

But then…

That’s all a great story and it seems as though the “hero” is succeeding. But then the record label folded and I lost everything we’d worked on and having someone to get my music out there…. I fell into a downward spiral and physically and emotionally got to a very low, and frankly scary point. Having achieved that dream, then losing it and the method of getting my music out to the world was devastating. I stopped taking care of myself, and frankly I’d never been that good at that. I figured there was no point to anything.

It got to the point where I made the excruciating choice to leave LA for a while to deal with a bunch of things and finally learn how to have enough self-love to take care of myself. I leaned into my music to help heal me. It was pretty traumatic what I’d just been through. That triggered memories of more traumatic things I’d never dealt with…in the realms of the #metoo movement and self-harm. I had used music, art and writing for healing before, but never to this extent. After some time, I developed more of a process for it, and it was working. I started to rise out of the darkness. It was remarkable what happened when I was able to get my fears outside of myself where they no longer had the power they once had.

The comeback

I came back to LA rebuilt and strong. When I began sharing more of my struggles in my music, it connected with people more than ever. It seemed there was really something to that. Over a million people have listened to my music and watched my music videos on YouTube. Instead of trying to be ‘perfect’, showing your scars instead is what connects. THAT is what’s actually inspiring. I still struggle with recovering perfectionism and the “control” that brings, but we’re all works in progress.


The true power of art, creativity and self-expression became very apparent to me. And it seemed like they were not widely used as a way to heal, or re-find your voice, or used to exorcise your fears and step into the best version of yourself. So it became a mission to me to help others do that.


I really look forward to connecting with you and learning about your stories! 

Live the life you have imagined, 

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My music alter-ego is Al-x.


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