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“I would highly recommend Alex as a speaker. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and it was evident that she is genuinely passionate about helping others. She is an outstanding communicator, a skilled presenter, and an expert in her field. Her insights and advice are invaluable, and her ability to connect with the audience is truly remarkable!”

~ Barbara Cunningham | Speaker Coordinator, eWomen Network

Alex Cappe is a dynamic speaker whose delivery is different because her talks often involve live music. She came to creativity coaching by way of a career as a music artist. In addition she’s a social media expert. Adding music to the message gets the audience highly engaged and gives them a unique experience. Get in touch in the form below if you’re interested in having her speak to your group, college or organization!

“I’ve brought Alex in to speak several times. Alex is a true professional. She brings a fresh, creative approach, with innovative ideas for bringing out the individual’s unique voice. It’s been a gift having her speak in front of my audience. If you have the opportunity to have her speak or to interview her, expect high value!”

~ Michelle Lange | Visible Impact

Talk Topics:

From Stuck to Empowered: 3 Keys to Taking Back the Reins to Your Life

Key Takeaways:

  • Powerful Mindset Resets
  • Ways to Re-engage Creativity for Self-Growth
  • Inspirational Action Steps to Take Immediately

Reignite Your Creativity For More Confidence, Income & Success!

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Creativity is Essential for Fulfillment and Success in Your Life and Work
  • Mindset Shifts to Unlock Confidence and Expansion
  • Exercises to Open Up Your Creative Side for 360* Benefits

Transform Into a More Creative Leader to Become Irreplaceable

Key Takeaways:

  • Top Tips to Being a Creative Leader and Why it’s Important
  • Defining Dynamic Thinking and How to Enhance Your Ability to do it
  • Creative Dynamic Exercise

The Missing Tool to Being the Best You

Key Takeaways:

  • How to tap into your essential nature
  • Overcoming blocks to living your best life
  • 3 Key exercises to stimulate and hone the missing tool

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“Alex Cappe did an incredible job speaking to the Charlotte Chapter participants of eWomen Network. She really expanded our thoughts surrounding creativity. After hearing Alex speak, each of us learned that we ALL have some level of creativity inside of us regarding our businesses and our personal lives. Alex did a masterful job of teaching us we can use creativity to get through past hurts and traumatic experiences. I personally implemented one of the techniques that she shared and it immediately changed my outcomes.  Alex is also a talented musician and singer. I would recommend Alex for one of your organization’s upcoming events.”

~ Kim Jacobs | Charlotte Managing Director – eWomen Network 

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