Creativity Coaching for Personal & Professional Development

Welcome! I’m Alex Cappe, the founder of Creative Self Revolution. I’m a music artist, entrepreneur, speaker and coach. I primarily work with two groups of women: women who are feeling stuck, unfulfilled or have lost touch with who they are. Working together, we go through a unique process of to help them reclaim themselves, reignite their creativity and gain new tools to get past ongoing struggles, so that they can live a life they love!

The second group are established female business owners who are struggling with their content for marketing and social media, and serving as their own personal creative director to guide them in taking a more creative and fun approach to make content that reflects who they are and highlights their unique genius, so that they can attract the right audience and boost their businesses.

The world needs your voice. It’s the only one like it.

Live the life you have imagined ~

"Alex is not only knowledgeable, but she delivers content in an interactive, engaging manner. Each of her workshops is jam-packed with invaluable information that is up-to-date and cutting edge. I'd highly recommend her!"

~ Sara Alepin | Founder/CEO, District Bliss