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Are you a creative who needs more structure, clarity, focus and a plan to accelerate your growth?

I'm glad you're here!

Life doesn't always follow a script. We all encounter unexpected obstacles that can leave us feeling stuck and un-empowered. And at some point, it gets too painful to stay there.

But what if you could:
- Make your own rules
- Overcome blocks between the creative and work worlds
- Hone your focus and gain a structure that supports you
- And have a compassionate guide who gives you an actionable plan to move forward with?

So many of us creatives get stuck in negative thought patterns or perfectionism and aren't living the life of our dreams.

I’m Alex Cappe, a transformational coach, speaker and artist. You do NOT need to stay stuck or trapped. You do not need to follow other people’s rules. You deserve to stand in your own unique power and live a joyful, filling life that you say "hell yes" waking up to!

The world needs your unique creativity and your voice more than ever.

I invite you to explore my site to see ways to work with me, my speaking topics, music, events and getting in touch!

Live the life you have imagined ~

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From Pain to Purpose: Transforming Downward Spirals into Personal & Creative Triumphs
4/27/24 10:30AM-12PM PST

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