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Why is Art so Powerful?

Why is Art so Powerful?

Of all the things in the world, I’d argue that Art, in its many forms, is the most inspirational.


Art has a phenomenal ability to makes us feel understood, empowered, and less alone. Throughout history it has provided us with these gifts. Music, movies, TV, theater, paintings, books, poetry, dance etc. have existed and thrived throughout time because they can make us feel, can provide an escape, can give a voice to things inside our heads, can make us laugh, or dance, or cry. What else can do all that? Nothing.


No matter what mood you’re in, you can find some form of art to either heighten that mood, or to create the reverse. And that piece of art can be used over and over again for the same effect. Think of how many times you’ve felt sad and put on that one song or that special movie that either lets you cry it out, or transports you far away, so you’re in a different dimension than your problems.


Artists can often move fluidly between a few different types of art, since they are all forms of creativity, expression and passion.


Everyone uses Art


EVERYONE uses art, needs it, but people seem to take for granted that it’s there, like it just occurred out of thin air and not from hours in the depths of someone’s heart. Imagine a world without art. Really. Take a minute and do that…. It’s dire. Sure there are still good things, but if all the art in the world were to be suddenly sucked into a black hole, think of how much blander, un-colorful, and less inspiring the world would be. Luckily, I don’t think we have to worry about that happening anytime soon. But be sure to appreciate the artists around you and support their work like you would support any other service.


Let’s take a look at what is so wonderful about the many forms of art ~




music washes dust soul


Think of the first song you heard, the one that just grabbed you and lit up something inside you. We all have that first one – And many after, of course. It’s a thrilling feeling. Maybe it’s the beat or the way the lyrics create pictures in your head or a melody that clenches your heart.



art eternal


And then we all have our favorite movies. Those ones we could watch a million times. Or that we save for the moments we really need them. Art provides an escape. Creativity and art allow our imaginations to flourish in ways nothing else can quite touch.

Another amazing thing about art is that it so directly triggers memories. You can zoom right back to that time in your life when you first heard that song or first saw that movie.




art literacy of heart


How about when you first got involved in a gripping story. You could see all the images evoked by the language in your mind. You could almost taste or feel the environments in the tale. We all see the stories in books in our own way.

And that is another brilliant thing about art – for each person it is different! 100 people can look at the same piece of art and have it do totally different things for them.

(As an artist, that’s one of the most exciting things! You have your own reasons or feelings when creating it, but you know, “art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.)




In every genuine work of art


Whether it’s an abstract set of lines, or a luminous, life-like depiction of a person or place, this type of art also rouses something powerful/unique inside us. We see ourselves inside these works. And as human beings, we are fascinated by our own reflections, or what our imaginations can conjure.




photography hold still

With the current ability of pretty much every person on the planet to take a picture at any given second, and get an immediate result, photography has changed quite a bit from even 20 years ago. When viewing the work of masters though, you see their detailed ability to frame a shot, or keep one element in focus while the rest of the image is dreamlike, etc. The realism of photography can make us feel nakedly human. Or it can show us canyons and waterfalls so vast, we can’t believe they could be real.





art light to heart

There’s nothing quite like live performances. The energy of being in the same space as the performers provides a totally different, and often much more visceral, experience than watching something that was filmed. Sometimes a performer will look you right in the eye in the audience. (I’ve always found that kind of fun – to break the forth wall ;)) The emotions are on direct display, the sweat of the performers shimmering under the stage lights. Under the right circumstances, the magic created by a live event can be transformative, and stay with you long after the physical show is over.





dancing dreaming with feet

Ah, my first love. Dance. To feel the freedom of moving your body, or the intense discipline of creating movements and shapes just so. To watch dancers collaborate in the intricacy of master choreography or to simply go out on a dance floor and give yourself over to the rhythm – both are art.


Art makes you feel alive. It is transformative, evocative, energizing and transcendent. I will be delving into this topic further. What would you like to have a post about?



I leave you with a few words I put together on Art:



Zandra's Zone Art Poem




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