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Using Creativity to Reconnect, Use Your Voice & Heal!


Maybe you:


  • have a dream you want to figure out how to get back to
  • want to get closer to living how you want to live rather than what’s conventional
  • reconnect to the creativity you used to explore as a child
  • have lost touch with your voice and are ready to reclaim it
  • are experiencing pain or are stuck in the pain of past events and haven’t yet found a way to get past it


My role here is to help guide you and give you tools to get where you want to go, and provide inspiration along the way.


What can you expect to find here?


The process of figuring out life and yourself is never ending. I’ve found that using a creative medium to express and get things outside ourselves, things become clearer faster.


Starting in early 2020, we’ll be offering several coaching programs. In the Fall of 2019, we’ll be doing some live workshops with women’s groups to help people reconnect with their creativity, find/re-find their voice and use creativity as a way to heal.


The post content consists of: inspirational posts, how to tap into your unique creativity and get more in tune with your true self, some health tips, awesome quotes, and more.


Would be honored to hear your story and see if there’s a way I can support you!






*All health posts will include only vegan sources.


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