Ideate-Create: 90 Minutes to Jumpstart Having FUN Creating Content





What if…

You could discover a way to enjoy content creation and create engaging content that people love to engage with and watch — and start to make that shift in 90 minutes!

And you could…

~ Finally take action on creating videos for all parts of your marketing

~ Create amazing content with more ease, speed and fun

~ Actually ENJOY creating content and see it as a creative outlet that spotlights your unique genius

~ Overcome resistance and anxiety when it comes to creating videos

~ Stop procrastinating and putting this at the bottom at your priority lists

~ Grow your leads and audience so you can get more people in your online courses, close high ticket clients, or sell your creative work?

~ Finally be more visible, with your true self shining through, and have the impact you’re here to make

What if you…

~ Had a creative partner to brainstorm with

~ Got real-time guidance and feedback on your content

~ Had a social media expert to coach you through the mindset shift

~ Got the accountability you need to finally take action on your content

This LIMITED-TIME OFFER of a 90 minute session will jumpstart your ability to do all of the above. You’ll leave knowing what to do next in your own unique situation – and bring more content to the world in 2023!