Creative Self Revolution Lab

Reconnecting With Your Creativity

An 8 Week Guided Exploration to Creative Freedom

Have you been procrastinating from creative projects?

Feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of reconnecting with your creativity?

Afraid of trying and failing?

Combating perfectionism?

These are common problems or 'blocks'. And things that often people don't make the time to fix. 

At this moment, many of us have the gift of extra time while we're sheltering in place during COVID 19.

Let's make this your story:

You're ready to utilize this time during the quarantine to reconnect with your creativity.

You're eager to let that creative part of you shine.

You're excited to move past all the blocks and stand in your power!

Program Structure:

* Weekly Trainings

*Q&As two times a month

*Assignment and completion of at least 1 creative project

*Access to private Facebook Group community

**If you're one of the first 5 to sign up, you get a free 30 minute 1-on-1 session with Alex

Normal price: $997

Special quarantine price: $497 (for a limited time)

Here's the journey we'll be going on...

about follow your heart


Clarifying your passion and purpose.

Guided exercises to access that core belief.


Overcoming fear of creativity.

Granting permission to make mistakes in a safe space.


Creating from the subconscious mind

Directed visualization exercises


Assignment of your unique creative project


Finding and harnessing your unique voice


Development of habits to integrate the creative process into your everyday life


Dealing with blocks as they arrive


Cultivating your creativity and taking it out into the world (or just into your living room)

Let's Do This!

Normal price: $997

$497 (for a limited time)

About your creativity guide:

Alex Cappe is a music artist, entrepreneur and activist. She's the founder of Creative Self Revolution which is a movement to creatively reinvent yourself. CSR offers a community, creativity coaching programs and soon a podcast. 

Throughout her life Alex has utilized creativity from dancing to acting to writing to music. She moved to LA and began to perform around the city. To make a long story short, after some years of struggling, she got signed to a record label. Things were going well - until the label folded. With that, her world collapsed, other memories were triggered and she fell into a downward spiral. 

Leaning into her music and writing as healing mechanisms showed her the power of creativity in a new, deeper way. Alex believes creativity is an extraordinarily powerful and unique thing that can be used to heal, re-discover your voice, reconnect with who you are and step into the best version of yourself, so that you live a more fulfilled and empowered life!