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Happiness: Quotes & Thoughts

Happiness: Quotes & Thoughts

Happiness. It’s something we all desire. It’s something we have, or have had. We want to know how to get it, how to hold onto it and how to retain it so we can stop seeking it. 


Inside job

I think it’s an incredibly complicated thing. But I do believe that it comes from inside us. It’s not something we can actually seek. We make our choices about how we feel. We establish certain thought patterns. And those thought patterns can be changed! If we constantly look outside ourselves, or to some future event for ‘happiness’, we sentence ourselves to unease and unhappiness.


Society says

Our society programs us to believe happiness can only be attained in certain ways. Much of pop culture teaches us that we will be happy when we find “the one”, if we get the ‘perfect’ job, if we have the ‘perfect’ body, if we’re rich, if we cease having problems, etc. This sets us up to fail. It can make us feel like we’re never enough, or because we don’t have each of those things that we’re unworthy of happiness or fulfillment.

Happiness breeds success, not the other way around. We have to discover ways to create happiness from within ourselves. If it’s externally-based, it can be easily taken away. Something within us is much more difficult to take. In fact, the only way it can be taken is if our own minds turn against us, which is common, but fight-able.


Defining it ourselves

Personally I’m getting better at generating my own happiness. But I definitely have, and sometimes still do, fall victim to some of the traps above. I’ve decided I have to define my own success, and determine what happiness means to me. It is a journey. And I think unless we have absolutely no negative voices in our heads, it will continue to be a choice we have to make throughout our lifetimes. I do believe it gets easier; however, life always throws some wrenches in our plans, so we must adapt and reinvent our views and methods. 


What do you think?

Below are some quotes on happiness that I think are inspiring. I hope something within them resonates with you – let me know if one (or more) does in the comments below or on social media! 






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