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3 Steps to Overcome Fear & Become Fearless

3 Steps to Overcome Fear & Become Fearless

One of the ways to take power away from fear is to get our fears outside of us. Writing them out, or speaking them aloud take them from being secrets that torment us to things we can look at more objectively. Expose your fears to fresh air and light, watch their power fade and become Fearless! See the 3 simple steps below.




One of the ways to stop a fear, is to take away its power. Maybe you still hear what it says. Maybe you’re even convinced by what it says. But if you don’t DO what it says, then its power is effectively taken away. Taking a fear’s power away will take at least several attempts. Fears get ingrained, and we have to actively alter the pathways in our brains to change them.



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Think of something you’ve been afraid to do or reveal:

  1. Write down the fear
  2. Write out the worst that could happen if you faced the fear
  3. On a separate sheet, write out things you can do if any of those worst-case scenarios do occur (think of what might comfort you, or stop you from spiraling further)


Then you can look at what you wrote point-blank in front of you. See the words and feel that the darkness is now outside of you. Try meditating on both sheets of your writing. Visualize your life without the fear. Looking at what you’re afraid of in writing might make you feel like you have control back. Instead of being this swirling mass inside you, it is definitive in black and white. Now that you’ve identified the fear and written out some ways to comfort yourself or arm yourself if any of those worst-case scenarios happen, try to start letting it go. It is within your power to do so. Don’t be frustrated if this part of the process still takes a while. If it was easy, the fear wouldn’t have gotten so ingrained in the first place!


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Trust yourself that you can deal with what you fear. You have the strength within you. You have the power to change your own life.

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